National Research on Domestic Violence Against Women in Turkey 2008

Project overview

Although domestic violence against women has been getting increasing attention in Turkey, official national data on the magnitude and nature of the problem was until recently not available.

This project aimed to get for the first time detailed information on the prevalence and types of domestic violence against women, its causes and consequences for the whole of Turkey.

Around 150 mostly female interviewers were carefully trained to collect information in a safe and sensitive way.

Between August and October 2008, 24048 households were visited in the whole country. Structured face to face interviews were done with 17168 households and 12795 women. Further, between February and October, 9 focus group discussions were conducted with men (6) and professionals (3), and 64 in-depth interviews were conducted with women, mothers/mothers-in-law, men, representatives of NGOs and professionals.

The main report presents findings on the prevalence of violence against women by her husband and the association with women's physical, mental, and reproductive health. Results are included on violence by other persons (other than husband), sexual abuse during childhood and forced first sexual experience. Information is also provided on women’s responses to violence: Whom do women turn to and whom do they tell about the violence in their lives? Do they leave or fight back? Which services do they use and what response do they get?

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